I am currently working with C# (.NET) and TypeScript (React) as a volunteer software developer for SIL International.

In my most recent postdoc position, I worked with various languages and environments, gaining proficiency with Bash, Git, Python, R, and Vim, and familiarity with Apache Spark, C, MPI, and OpenMP.

Previously as a math postdoc, I would regularly use Sage and LATEX for mathematical experimentation and dissemination.

The web-programming projects below are from some of my earlier dabbling in CSS and Javascript

Web Programming

Graph Property Database

Just a prototype; I hope to develop something like this into a slick educational tool:

Quiz Games

This is a fun, visual ways to test one's familiarity with a given topic:

My early experience with CSS and JavaScript began with manipulating other people's open-source code to make a custom version of their creation. For example...


I've made two variants of Gabriele Cirulli's 4x4 tile game 2048:

Tree of Life

I've modified a branch of the OneZoom Tree of Life:

Sharing the Joys of Code

The following are some fun ways to learn algorithm development or practice coding. More can be found at the Programming Games Wiki.

Online Games, Puzzles, and Challenges

Online Tutorials


Card and Board Games

Programmable Robots