CompSci Collaborators, Topics
Dong AhnDong A., Dylan ChappDylan C., Mario GuevaraMario G., Joy KitsonJoy K., Ricardo LlamasRicardo Ll., Kento SatoKento S., Michela TauferMichela T., Rodrigo VargasRodrigo V.
With the Global Computing Lab, my research was primarily on the following two projects: (1) Applying machine learning methods to soil moisture data, to fill gaps and downscale resolution; (2) Modeling and analyzing nondeterminism in executions of parallel programs, especially involving MPI.
Math Collaborators, Topics
Zhanar BerikkyzyZhanar B., Anton BernshteynAnton B., Beth BjorkmanBeth B., Axel BrandtAxel B., Garner CochranGarner C., Joshua CooperJosh C., Wei GaoWei G., Sylvia HobartSylvia H., Sogol JahanbekamSogol J., Bill KayBill K., Lauren KeoughLauren K., Omid KhormaliOmid K., Rachel KirschRachel K., Victor LarsenVictor L., Ryan MartinRyan M., Brent McKainBrent M., Kevin MossKevin M., Mitch PhillipsonMitch P., Jonathan RollinJonathan R., Songling ShanSongling S., Heather SmithHeather S., Claude TardifClaude T., David WehlauDavid W., Andrew UzzellAndrew U., Jennifer WiseJennifer W., Imed ZaguiaImed Z.
My main mathematical interests lay in combinatorics on words, graph theory, discrete geometry, combinatorial limit theory, and applications of discrete mathematics to linguistics.

Published Papers
  • (with Berikkyzy, Brandt, Jahanbekam, Larsen) "Antimagic Labelings of Weighted Graphs." Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science 23(3), December 2021. [DOI (DMTCS); arXiv]
  • (with Bernshteyn, Khormali, Martin, Rollin, Shan, Uzzell) "Regular colorings of regular graphs." Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory 4(3), April 2020. [Sciendo; DOI (DMGT); arXiv]
  • (with Llamas, Guevara, Taufer, Vargas) "Spatial Gap-Filling of ESA CCI Satellite-Derived Soil Moisture Based on Geostatistical Techniques and Multiple Regression." Remote Sensing 12(4), February 2020. [DOI (MDPI); DOI (Preprints)]
  • "A bound on a convexity measure for point sets." International Journal of Computational Geometry and Applications 29(4)301-306, December 2019. [DOI (IJCGA);arXiv]
  • (with Chapp, Sato, Ahn, Taufer) "A three-phase workflow for general and expressive representations of nondeterminism in HPC applications." International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications 33(6)1175-1184, November 2019. [DOI (Sage)]
  • (with Guevara, Llamas, Kitson, Vargas, Taufer) "SOMOSPIE: A modular SOil MOisture SPatial Inference Engine based on data driven decisions." 15th eScience, September 2019. [DOI (IEEE); arXiv]
  • "Graph cover-saturation." Graphs and Combinatorics 35(5)1225--1237, September 2019. [DOI; arXiv]
  • (with Bjorkman, Cochran, Gao, Keough, Kirsch, Philipson, Smith, Wise) "\(k\)-foldability of words." Discrete Applied Mathematics 259:19--30, April 2019. [DOI (ScienceDirect); arXiv]
  • (with Tardif, Wehlau, Zaguia) "Iterated arc graphs." Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae 59(3)277--283, 2018. [DOI (DML-CZ); CMUC; arXiv]
  • (with Cooper) "Density dichotomy in random words." Contributions to Discrete Mathematics 13(1), January 2018. [DOI (UCalgary); arXiv]
  • (with Tardif, Wehlau) "Logical compactness and constraint satisfaction problems." Logical Methods in Computer Science 13(1)#1:1--11, January 2017. [LMCS; arXiv]
  • (with Cooper) "Asymptotic Density of Zimin Words." Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science 18(3)#3, March 2016. [DMTCS; arXiv]
  • "Toward the Combinatorial Limit Theory of Free Words." University of South Carolina Dissertation, August 2015. [arXiv]
  • (with Cooper) "Bounds on Zimin Word Avoidance." Congressus Numerantium 222:87--95, 2014. [arXiv]

Peer-Reviewed Abstracts and Posters
In Preparation
  • (with Berikkyzy, Bjorkman, Hobart, Jahanbekam, Kay, Keough, McKain, Moss, Shan, Smith) "Triangle-distinct graphs."

  • "Arabic Influence on the Spanish Language." Research paper for B.S. in Linguistics, Seattle Pacific University, May 2010. [pdf]
  • "Collatz Generalized." Research Paper for B.S. in Mathematics, Seattle Pacific University, May 2010. [pdf]

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